I’m willing now; Let me burn again

I want to burn for you again With your fire unquenchable Help me find the light That makes my faith unshakable Redirect my steps, show me your way And from it, make me unmovable Breath life in me again Let your mercies allow Let your grace and mercy abound Let love and loyalty be our … Continue reading I’m willing now; Let me burn again


Now you know

I have been through things, Some of which are difficult to express, I bet everyone has had their share of such... ... Through it all, I have realized that, There's a connection between heaven and earth... ... Finding that connection makes everything meaningful, even death. And missing it makes everything meaningless, even life. ~Pensive about … Continue reading Now you know

Never by chance: I know that was You!

That surge of strength that you "suddenly" muster, That rush of compassion that overwhelms you, That deep conviction that pulls you closer, To what is alive, right, noble and true... It's never coincidence, It's never by chance, Some of those experiences, That we credit to "Fate's Hands"... Those moments that you undoubtedly know, That a … Continue reading Never by chance: I know that was You!