She finally admitted to owning the darkest pages of her life, albeit bitterly,

Finally surrendering to turning some of the blackest pages in human history…

She tried to hold on to the memories of the hugs and kisses; but they were all too slippery,

She remained haunted by the ghosts of her master’s taunting mockery,

Ghosts meticulously veiled in the cloak of tainted christianity,

Constantly hovering over her, ever so religiously,

Slowly but surely shaping her into some sort of despicable monstrosity,

Until she became something she hated a bit too deeply…

Her master had finally scarred and damaged her irreversibly.

Now, in the dark, twisted depths of her new-found hellish normalcy,

She figures that, only the taste of death can resuscitate her back to sanity…


Desiring the cross over


A toast to this life
It’s been a good 25 years


Can finally feel the transit around the corner
Bottoms up, all smiles, no tears


Be quick and painless is my only plea
We are the ones who welcome such with cheer


Hope the myth is actually true
Hope it will all finally be clear


Hope the other side is actually heaven
Where love will replace all fear


Hope the cross over will be a fun one
One that’s smoothly steered


Rk Nyra
Desiring a break.



Pointing fingers is as easy as a hobby for most

Some raise others and shamefully dare to boast

­Their judgments based on fictional facts

They rush into hasty irrational acts

They say that it’s “taking law into their hands”

But I think it’s more like “taking LIFE with their bare hands”!!

.  .  .

Yesterday they ganged on me with machetes and stones

Hacked my head and limbs and broke my bones

A voice in the angry mob asked “kwani huyu ame-do?”

The man wielding a machete replied “me sijui. Nimepata akichapwa tu”

“Mwizi!! Mwizi!!”  Retorted the crowd

As I writhed in agony on the blood-filled ground

They began to shout, “Lynch the man!!”

I cried and pleaded, “I’m not the one”

Even in this economic estate, so adverse and dire

Someone generously provided paraffin to put me on fire!!

Bylaws created by a heartless environment

After my death, they discovered I was innocent!!!

~RK Nyra~



I used to “ah” and “aw”

at things I’d never seen before..

Used to lack even little words

for what I’d never heard..


Oh now!!…

My heart bears fangs of love

for the rejects from above..

My mind orchestrates the obscenities

that you crave for in your fantasies..

My hands trespass the territories

that cause you yucky ‘belly-worries’..

“Breaking-Boundaries” is my latest pledge

I love this life on the edge!!

A gasp!? Are you shocked!?

Aren’t you now able to talk!?..

I bet you feel some anger-burn and blazing hate too!..

You’re SO predictable!: I expected you to!!..

Don’t you dare blame the “Lack of Innocence” on me!!..

When you’re the very one who made me what you see!!..

I’m not your little angel, n0T anymore!!..

But the beast YOU sculpted from my gore!!…

I wanna hate you with all my gut…

But you’re way too deep into my heart!!


© Rk Nyra.

Just peeled off my face

Creeping up behind me

Slowly closing in

Feeling a soft breath, at the back of my neck

Becoming softer and warmer, turning to a peck

Whispering into my ear

Words I can barely hear

Hands running down my waist

Lacking any intention of haste

The fragrance gets me drowsy

So high I start acting tipsy

Forgetting who I am

I give in to the arms

The next thing I know

I’m in this world of snow

Everything’s so, so cold

And so numbing to behold

The snow is pink; turning red

Consequences of the blood ‘twas fed

I see my reflection in the ice

A horror, I don’t wanna see twice

A sight to be forever hidden

A sight that’s best forgotten

A hole through my heart, deep within

And a face without any skin!

~RK Nyra~





When my wrists are bleeding,

my heart is healing.


When the blade is wet,

pleasure is what I get!


I’m not a freak but I think

I need a shrink.

You can call me emo

it don hurt my ego…


I may be a little sadder for a moment

And maybe somewhat colder from the blood-torrent


But I still remain me

A little more pain-free


~RK Nyra~


House fell down

In a far off quiet town


Thanks to that furious fire

That left damages so dire


I went back to say my due goodbye

Second saddest word coined after “lie”


What I saw was a view too petrifying to behold

And the story gets sadder each time it’s retold


A sight that up to date I lack a name

A sight that puts even hell to shame…


The smoke kept rising; ashamed and full of apologies

Knowing well of the forthcoming genuine, yet untimely eulogies


The merciless fire had left its remorseless mark

A signature to whom the brightest deed is pitch dark!! . . .


Baby cots still hot and smoking

Yet they kept on their usual rocking!!


The children’s toys, melted and more dead than before

Told of the fire’s rage and ever heartless core


Though the fire was dead and gone

I could still feel the heat in my every bone


The fire had broken the house to its feet

Broken, burnt and brought down its every bit


The two little bodies; too scarred to heal

Lay there, now too cold and still…


My body was now colder than theirs

As if that was a little more fair!!


Still wrapped in my arms that very same way

I had held them as I tried to run that fateful day…


There was such a promising life ahead

For the two little bodies now so dead…


The firemen and cleaners; now doing damage control

We three fly away; each to rest her wounded soul…


© Rk Nyra