Love knows no race
no gender, no creed
love’s not a passing phase
like being high on weed…

Love’s in the fresh air you take in
its in the arms of family a friend
African, American, Indian, Lebanese
love’s e’rywhere, it knows no end…

Like you can’t stop the sun from rising
love’s a force of nature; it’s supernatural
the rain’ll keep pouring, the rainbow shining
so will love keep living; it’s unstoppable…

Like an electric jolt
you can’t put love on pause
love is no one’s fault
love is nature’s course!

~Rk Nyra ~


a mon amie tres chere (to my dearest friend)

Can hardly sleep tonight

with this battle raging inside

the silver lining is barely in sight

I lack the strength to keep up the fight

I need you by my side

to help me see the light

. . .

I need your hand to hold

not your diamonds or your gold

our beauty, we will both behold

and venture to places untold

our adventures and stories will unfold

till our definitive days of old

. . .

I know that you know I’m speaking to you

please don’t be long, respond to this soon.



Love is a BEAUTIFUL thing…
gives you strongest of wings…
your heart joyfully springs,
to love-songs when they sing!

Love is not blind, love sees!
Love is not binding, it FREES!
What a beauty love is!
Love is heavenly, love is sweet!

Love is patient, love is kind,
nurtured in the heart, grown in the mind…
love is Most precious to find,
most thrilling package to unwind!

Love doesn’t hurt, it protects, and it heals!
Love doesn’t drain, it uplifts, and it fills!
Love is true, love is real!
Love IS a sweet, sweet deal!

~RK Nyra ~


Love sees not just the present;

but rather the potential:

Love sees not the flaws and faults;
but rather beyond them:

Love sees not the weakness;
but rather the strengths:

Love sees not the broken vessel;
but rather a piece of art:

Love sees the best i

n you . . .
Love sees the potential . . .
Love sees the best outcome . . .

Love is NoT

Love SEES!!!

~ Rk Nyra~


. . .

Look into my emerald eyes

See beyond the scarlet tears;

Look hard into my gunmetal heart

Numbed by the reality of ebony fears;

Fear not to venture into the crimson sea

Where my life has been drained of golden years;

Fear not to loose these chestnut chains

That were put on by my ‘green’ peers

If you can, then reach out to my sepia soul

Save it before it reaches the sapphire fires;

If you can’t, then thrust on the silver edge

To my unrealized dreams and burgundy desires;

Drown me in the aqua ocean

Or choke me with jade briers;

Drown me into the mulberry crowds

So I can spot the white liars!!

. . .

© Rk nyra