The waters may be still,

but it’s the very same that run so deep

The ore may be an eyesore
but it’s a diamond in its core

The smile may be illuminating
but within, is a pain so excruciating…

Even the “unbreakable” girl sometimes breaks

Even the strongest of them sometimes do crumble

Sometimes the girl who never stops trying, gives up

and the ever-jolly one cries herself to sleep

she uses a hearty laughter to stifle a scream

it’s never really always as it may seem.

~Rk Nyra~



Hail merry, I’m in paradise

rubies tossed like they are playing-dice


rides spinning on the golden roads

diamonds treated like a change of clothes


a rich green, carpets the gardens

flowers and roses paint a rainbow pattern


pearls and crystals make up the rivers

a perfect enchantment for guys of class and classes of divas


mansions and castles, such a delight to behold

designed in descriptions yet to be told


eating and drinking to your fill

delicacies so sweet they seem unreal


lured into this piece of heaven

blinded by all I had been craving


too blind to see the borrowed wish. . .

who would have known there’d be sorrow in bliss?


feels like my muscles have been abused

they’ve stayed too long without being used


I mean, with everything at my disposal

why would I want to move a muscle


Nothing is ever really for free you see

now paying for my wish, I’m drowning in ecstasy!


~RK Nyra~


I’m coming clean

Coz the lies give only momentary peace

A feeling that is only a temporary ease


I’m coming clean

Coz the lies hurt worse

And show absence of class


I’m coming clean

Coz though the truth will hurt for a while

I’m guaranteed long lasting peace of mind


I’m coming clean

Coz the lies have dumb-founding drama

But the truth bears beautiful karma


But then again

Trust is like virginity

Best left unbroken

And some things are clearly

Best left unspoken


~RK Nyra~