If heaven is for real and not a thing made up,
I hope to make it there with all my broken parts.

If hell is for real and not a tale of control,
I hope mercy will suffice to save my scarlet soul.

If heaven is for real and only for the purified,
I dare hope to make the cut among those counted sanctified.

If hell is for real with fires burning loud, relentless, merciless and tall,
I hope God will hear my beggar’s plea and by love, break my fall.

If heaven is for real and not a definite maybe,
I hope He remembers the mustard seed; and be pleased enough to save me.

If hell is for real and is not God’s will for man,
Then in my life, may only God’s will be done.

If heaven is for real and God wills it to be my home,
Then I hope to make it there: first broken, then healed and whole.


©RK Nyra


Desiring the cross over


A toast to this life
It’s been a good 25 years


Can finally feel the transit around the corner
Bottoms up, all smiles, no tears


Be quick and painless is my only plea
We are the ones who welcome such with cheer


Hope the myth is actually true
Hope it will all finally be clear


Hope the other side is actually heaven
Where love will replace all fear


Hope the cross over will be a fun one
One that’s smoothly steered


Rk Nyra
Desiring a break.


Just peeled off my face

Creeping up behind me

Slowly closing in

Feeling a soft breath, at the back of my neck

Becoming softer and warmer, turning to a peck

Whispering into my ear

Words I can barely hear

Hands running down my waist

Lacking any intention of haste

The fragrance gets me drowsy

So high I start acting tipsy

Forgetting who I am

I give in to the arms

The next thing I know

I’m in this world of snow

Everything’s so, so cold

And so numbing to behold

The snow is pink; turning red

Consequences of the blood ‘twas fed

I see my reflection in the ice

A horror, I don’t wanna see twice

A sight to be forever hidden

A sight that’s best forgotten

A hole through my heart, deep within

And a face without any skin!

~RK Nyra~





. . .

Look into my emerald eyes

See beyond the scarlet tears;

Look hard into my gunmetal heart

Numbed by the reality of ebony fears;

Fear not to venture into the crimson sea

Where my life has been drained of golden years;

Fear not to loose these chestnut chains

That were put on by my ‘green’ peers

If you can, then reach out to my sepia soul

Save it before it reaches the sapphire fires;

If you can’t, then thrust on the silver edge

To my unrealized dreams and burgundy desires;

Drown me in the aqua ocean

Or choke me with jade briers;

Drown me into the mulberry crowds

So I can spot the white liars!!

. . .

© Rk nyra