Stars in the Night

  Calling on the dreamers, the believers, the seekers, the hope-ers...   Come sit in my circle tonight and let's demystify "stars in the night"   Tell me of your hopes and dreams, those realized and those that have been dimmed...   Tell me of your ups and downs; all the paths you've taken, tell … Continue reading Stars in the Night


Believed I Could, So I Did!

Borrowed moments on borrowed time, Happy can write the script sometimes... Smiles unbroken by broken creeds, Because I could, so I did. Daring to believe in spite of doubts so loud, Courage and Faith promising to abound... Stepping into the hope-paved-road, Living by the "I-can-so-I-did" code. Broken rules and healing bones, Daring to walk into … Continue reading Believed I Could, So I Did!