It’s aaaaaaaaaaalright to celebrate yourself!

I have come to learn that everyone in life has faced their share of battles…you win some, you lose some, life goes on…c’est la vie. If you won’t pause to enjoy the spoils of this battle, you will usually not have enough strength to endure the next battle. I have also realized that most of us don’t necessarily know how to celebrate our little victories. The norm is to be a bit too hard on ourselves when we have missed the mark or not reached a certain expectation. Whether it’s at home, school, work, or out there with friends, we have a certain heightened sensitivity to “how we failed to do this or that right” or “how we blundered that part of the speech/deal/game…etc.” We’re often so much focused on the missed mark that we fail to appreciate the bits that went well.

Don’t get me wrong: it is healthy to analyze the “what and how” to improve; what is unhealthy is focusing so much on it that, we fail to appreciate what is already good/excellent.

So go ahead and smile when you win even in what you would consider a “small win”,

Pat yourself on the back, heck even do a little victory dance if you will,

Do it for yourself, that inner man/woman that you could be breaking or building,

And for that little kid that you could be influencing.

Pause and enjoy the spoils of the battle that you won,

For all you know, that little celebration could be the all source of your strength to go on!

© Rk Nyra
July 2016 Musings



We are all a little broken, and that’s okay


We all have secrets, some in pleasure and some in pain,
And we all have scars, some held in pride and some hidden in shame,

We all have that one thing that makes us so afraid,
That if revealed would earn us the titles “unworthy and frail”,

And make our survival in this world to be all in vain,

We are all a little broken, and that’s okay,
Some so visibly and some only slightly so,

But broken still, sometimes we try to hide our pain,
Like with smiles and laughter and dancing in the rain,

But underneath we feel the truth, it always remains…

We ought to wear some of our brokenness with honor and pride
Like a winner’s medal after making it through the rough tide,

To let the pain know that we remember and we won
And more so, to let others know, they’re not alone,

And that sometimes it’s okay to be a little broken, a little torn…

So here are my medals, my battle scars…

…ok, maybe another day for those medals…
~Rk Nyra~


Now you know


I have been through things,
Some of which are difficult to express,
I bet everyone has had their share of such…

Through it all, I have realized that,
There’s a connection between heaven and earth…

Finding that connection makes everything meaningful, even death.
And missing it makes everything meaningless, even life.


~Pensive about the afterlife

Now you know~

© Rk Nyra 2016

Waters, Storms and Answers


Sometimes He turns the waters into wine,
Sometimes into blood to prove a point…


Sometimes He parts the waters to make a path,
Sometimes He opens the heavens and makes a flood…


Sometimes He lets you walk on water,
Sometimes He fish-ferries you like Jonah…


Sometimes He calms the storm,
Sometimes He calms the sailor…


With Him it’s such a wonder,
With His waters, storms and answers.


©Rk Nyra 2016