Firebird: Always walk on the clouds

Once upon a time, in a land still unnamed
Lived a little oriole, Firebird was his name

He lived for the sunshine; he’d soak in it for hours
But when the storms would come, his joy would be devoured

He’d always ask momma why, God allowed the rains
To do such an awful thing, as take the sun away

His momma, always with a smile, would look at him and say
“You’ll surely find the truth, when you walk on clouds someday”


One day a storm rolled in; the biggest of them all

And this time momma’s answer was unlike the one before

“You’ve got to see it for yourself, my little Firebird, you see
Because it’s up there waiting, waiting for you” said she…


Now little Firebird was scared; his wings weren’t very often flown
Yet with hope, he flapped and flew; right to the great unknown…


Lightning and thunder and the wind, brought Firebird much fright
For they struck and roared and howled, with such great force and might

Little Firebird was scared, and thought he should turn back
For the loud and scary storm would surely rip him apart…


But just before he could turn back, almost all of a sudden
Amidst the roars and thunder cracks, right there right then it happened…

He broke through the clouds! And right before his eyes
Was a view more beautiful than ever; of majestic sunlit skies!


And in that very moment, it all became clear as day
That no rain or storm or such, would ever take the sun away!

That constant as his mother’s love, the sun was always shining
He just needed that walk on the clouds, to find a truth worth finding!


There’s always a sunlit sky
Above those heavy thunderstorms…
A promise beyond the human eye
And Love that’s unconditional.


#John 3:16

© Rk Nyra 2016
~Inspired by Firebird, short-story in Unconditional_the_movie~


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