Chocking on a million words

Never told to this uncaring world

Picking up my broken parts

Pieces played like playing cards

Tossed around like flying darts

Caring for a dying heart

Thirsting for loving arms

Still remaining unloved. . .


Pacing up and down this road

I hear they call it “Love’s abode”

My feet have grown numb and cold

From all the walking in this zone

Growing faint from a weak’ning hope

Each time I knock on a door and hear “love’s not home”

Trying to get this love-lock code

Still remaining unloved. . .

Giving until it’s all ran out

Giving until I am without

Drained to the point of daily doubt

A lifeless life lurking about

Craving to hear love aloud

Wanting to scream, wanting to shout

But now too weak to let out a sound

Still remaining unloved. . .


Hold my hand, draw me nigh

Pull me close, hold me tight

Don’t let me go, even if I try to fight

Tell me you love me in your sight

Look at me square in the eye

Convince me that it’s not a lie

That until I die

I’ll not remain unloved.

~RK Nyra~


3 thoughts on “Unloved

  1. I Want To Know
    What’s it colour i want to know
    Maybe it’s shape if it owns one
    And kins does it have any
    Friends if so are they many
    I want to know what is love

    Is it a feeling so real
    Or an illusion as some sing
    Maybe shadow and unreal dreams
    Hot air chasing after the wind
    I want to know what is love

    Images painted in it
    Songs sang with it
    Lives taken for it
    poems penned for it
    Yet i wan to know what love is

    How does it feel to be loved
    Held in warm arms and adored
    Spoken to sweet words, assured
    Lulled with sweet words, demurred
    I want to know what love is

    I want to pray and hope
    Anticipate as i grope
    in this murky world looking for answers
    For this question unanswered
    I want to know what is love


    1. Beautiful piece!!

      I think the colour of love is bright,
      even in the dead of night,
      love still shows clear its light.

      I think it’s round in shape; like a circle..
      and like a circle it knows no end.

      It feels as real as the light of day,
      I bet you’ll know it when it comes your way,
      Heck it’s even tangible, as some would say.

      But then again I’m yet to feel its arms,
      Yet to savour its sweet words and charm..

      Yet to un-relate to this oh so relate-able piece..
      I too, am yet to know what love really is


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