Love me: I’m a woman

Love me tenderly
leave me never,
touch me affectionately
make it forever,

hold me from behind
hold me at my waist,
make this a good remind,
something worth another taste

you’re all I need
it’s only human
love is my feed
i’m a woman.
~RK Nyra~

4 thoughts on “Love me: I’m a woman

  1. Pathogen, you read my mind like an open book!!
    This is too intriguing, I’m almost speechless!!

    “love me for the person that is me,
    not for the physical aspect that you see,
    but for the me that is within,
    love me beneath my skin,

    love me for who I am,
    not for the material things i have
    or don’t have for that matter
    love me for my true-personality-charm”


  2. love me not for my money
    or the fact that i call you honey
    love me not for my uncanny
    but do that only for me

    love me not for my bulge
    nor the heavy fragrance i leave on my path
    and never for my watch
    for so long it’s never told the time

    love me not for my edifice
    or the beauty embedded on my face
    nor the gap in between my teeth
    or the great designers on my feet

    love me not for my pedigree
    for never I’m i my folks protege
    Nor love me for my friends
    My foes are much a better trend

    love me as a man
    not the banker you have in your dreams
    love me as a friend
    the husband you spend the rest of your life



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