Oh My Goth

She visited again
in the dead of the night,

Just like good old times
when she would say “it’ll be alright”

Tonight was different
I was mesmerized

But my choking pillow knows
that I was petrified

Tonight she was darker
not my usual angel

she was a bit pale
somewhat emo n fickle

Tonight she didn’t help me unclench my pillow
nor hold me close to suck out my grief

She stared in silence; I looked back in fright,
Tonight I understood the ritual would be brief. . .

She had taught me well
in her many visits past

To listen to the voice in her eyes,
tonight they revealed her curse. . .

My pain was no longer her meal
she had changed her diet

Tonight it had overwhelmed her,
made her numb and quiet

Tonight I stretched out my arm
to welcome her own,

Tonight I took her role
and led her home

A haven we created
knowing well of this day

When my angel, now my goth
would come my way. . .

~RK Nyra~


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