Not Your Little Angel Anymore


I used to “ah” and “aw”

at things I’d never seen before..

Used to lack even little words

for what I’d never heard..


Oh now!!…

My heart bears fangs of love

for the rejects from above..

My mind orchestrates the obscenities

that you crave for in your fantasies..

My hands trespass the territories

that cause you yucky ‘belly-worries’..

“Breaking-Boundaries” is my latest pledge

I love this life on the edge!!

A gasp!? Are you shocked!?

Aren’t you now able to talk!?..

I bet you feel some anger-burn and blazing hate too!..

You’re SO predictable!: I expected you to!!..

Don’t you dare blame the “Lack of Innocence” on me!!..

When you’re the very one who made me what you see!!..

I’m not your little angel, n0T anymore!!..

But the beast YOU sculpted from my gore!!…

I wanna hate you with all my gut…

But you’re way too deep into my heart!!


© Rk Nyra.


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