Mob Injustice

Pointing fingers is as easy as a hobby for most

Some raise others and shamefully dare to boast

­Their judgments based on fictional facts

They rush into hasty irrational acts

They say that it’s “taking law into their hands”

But I think it’s more like “taking LIFE with their bare hands”!!

.  .  .

Yesterday they ganged on me with machetes and stones

Hacked my head and limbs and broke my bones

A voice in the angry mob asked “kwani huyu ame-do?”

The man wielding a machete replied “me sijui. Nimepata akichapwa tu”

“Mwizi!! Mwizi!!”  Retorted the crowd

As I writhed in agony on the blood-filled ground

They began to shout, “Lynch the man!!”

I cried and pleaded, “I’m not the one”

Even in this economic estate, so adverse and dire

Someone generously provided paraffin to put me on fire!!

Bylaws created by a heartless environment

After my death, they discovered I was innocent!!!

~RK Nyra~


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