I lived through another heart attack

Twas a lovely walk in the moonlight

She held my hand in an assuring tight

We showed the world of our love

Our beautiful blessing from above

The sweet sparkle in her eyes

And the beautiful brilliance of her smiles

Assured me of less fears and more laughter

And even an illusion of a happy-ever-after

She swept me away with her words

And took me away to her world

Lured me in as the Pied Piper would

Oh how I danced along to her seductive tune. . .

Her world is one full of spontaneity

But sometimes has annoying ambiguity

Her bliss took me to a euphoric high

And I became too blind to her every lie

My adrenaline was now bubbling under and over

Blood hot-and-rushing like volcanic lava

My heart, for her, was now beating way too fast

I opened it to her; freed it from its past plaster cast

I was now addicted to her like a junkie to a sick sport

Better yet; she had turned into my very life support!

She learnt of my weakness in and turned into a monster

I was her little weakling; and she my mad master

Too many tubes up into my system

My heart being her number one victim

She watched me as the monitor kept beeping

My life in her hands; and I heavily breathing

I pleaded for mercy as I began to gag

For my mad master had pulled the plug!!

Everything began to slow down

And for a moment, I went to ghost town

Awkward as it may sound

I dare say it out loud

I saw a bright light and it called out my name

Saying “Nyra dear, it’s not yet your time”

Petrified yet at peace

Confused yet at ease

I listened to that mellifluous voice

And trusted its word of advice

That’s when hope reminded me that I wasn’t alone

And love said that I’d not fight on my own

Despair faded at the sight of hope

And fear fled when love said I could cope

Loud sirens and shocks brought me back

I had lived through another heart attack!

~RK Nyra~


6 thoughts on “I lived through another heart attack

    1. Kelvin, whenever you write like that you always make me 🙂

      Yes indeed we still have to do all that: be tough
      coz we’re like diamonds in the rough
      refined by each blood drop
      strengthened by each bitter stop.


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